Funding Sources

International Agencies Operating World Wide

OECD - Development Assistance Committee

Donor ICT Strategies Matrix

World Bank

Development Marketplace

Swedish International Development Agency – SIDA

Support to public organisations and government services
Support and Grants to the Private Sector
Support to Researchers

United States Agency for International Development – USAID Information Technology

Last Mile Initiative
Leland Initiative - Sub-Saharan Africa
Digital Freedom Initiative

Publlic Agencies Operating Regionally

European Commission

  Alliance for the Information Society – Latin America and Europe

Institute for Connectivity in the Americas


IADB – Multilateral Investment Fund

  Harnessing ICTs Cluster

Private Institions – Grants and Awards

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

  General Grant Eligibility and Guidelines
  Gates Millennium Scholars Program
    (Target beneficiaries: African-Americans, American Indians/Alaska Natives, Asian Pacific Americans, and Hispanic Americans)
  Gates Cambridge Scholars Program

Development Gateway Foundation

  The Petersburg Prize 2004
    (Award to the most exemplary contribution in the field of ICTs in the past ten years.)

International Youth Foundation

  Youth Employment Program

International Competition for Cyberarts

  Prix Ars Electronica 2004 – Digital Communities

Open Society Institute

  The ICT Toolsets initiative
    (Aims to foster the development, distribution, and scaling of mission-based technology to support civil society.