Widespread Access to Networks

Exemplary regulatory frameworks, that promote competition and protect consumer interests and are administered by independent and transparent regulatory agencies.

Chile - Subsecretaría de Telecomunicaciones Subtel
Brasil - Agência Nacional de Telecomunicações ANATEL
Perú - Organismo Supervisor de Inversión Privada en Telecomunicaciones OSIPTEL
El Salvador - Superintendencia General de Electricidad y Telecomunicaciones Siget

State sponsored funding mechanisms for the establishment of telecenters with good prospects of sustainability, that proovide affordable subsidies in a transparent fashion and minimizing the cost to the Government. 

Chile - Fondo de Desarrollo de las Telecomunicaciones
Colombia - COMPARTEL
Perú - Fondo de Inversión en Telecomunicaciones -FITEL

Public sponsored program to open up school computer laboratories with Internet connectivity after school hours to serve the community at large. 

Chile - Red Enlaces Abierta a la Comunidad

Extensive telecenter network (over 70 as of October 2003) using Open Source software.

Brasil - Plano de Inclusão Digital, Coordenadoria da Secretaria Municipal de Comunicação e Informação Social da Prefeitura de São Paulo.


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Democratic Networked Learning

Comprehensive educational portals.

Argentina - Educ.ar 
Chile - Educarchile.cl

Comprehensive national program making use of ICTs to improve the quality of education.

Chile - Red Educacional Enlaces


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Networked Competitive Development For All

Program that makes information on small quantity purchase tenders by the State readily available online, to enable small and medium enterprises bid for these tenders.  


Technical advice to small and microentrepreneurs  online, provided in a qualified and expeditious manner (48 hour turnaround) that is highly valued by users.  

Chile - Red Sercotec

Telecenter programs specifically geared to small and microentrepreneurs. They combine physical access to connectivity and other digital services, with virtual and live support. 

Chile - Segundo Concurso Nacional de Infocentros para la micro y pequeña empresa 
Brasil - Telecentro de informacão e negócio/Escola de Informática e Cidadania  


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Networked Social Development

Program set up in support of telecenter establishment program, aimed at increasing digital literacy by low income users.

Colombia - COMPARTEL-Proyecto de acercamiento a la comunidad


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ICTs and Poverty in National Development Policy

Sustained long term effort to improve the quality of public institutions and use information technology to provide high quality services to all citizens.

Chile -
Proyecto de Reforma y Modernización del Estado 
Sistema de información de experiencias de gestión pública en Chile 

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