This site documents efforts by public and private institutions and individuals to use information and communication technologies to empower the poor and combat poverty. It's primary focus is on research and project work carried out predominantly in Latin America and the Caribbean.  

For a primer on the e-ForAll policy framework, click here. For the full document, click here.


Best Practices

Examples of best practices by State agencies, classified according to 5 major groupings specified by the e-ForAll framework.

Notable Networks

Noteworthy efforts of civil society and public agency networks to empower the poor and to provide services online directed at disadvantaged and low income groups.


A collection of papers by Francisco J. Proenza.


A selection of donor funded projects with potentially significant impact on poverty reduction.

Funding Sources

A list of international sources of ICT project finance.

Other Resources

Links to other initiatives, public and private, that contain valuable resources.


Telecenter images from around the world.

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